The Right Way To Do Email Marketing

Submitted by: Mike Gates

Email marketing has been used as a marketing tool for almost 20 years now. Even after all these years it still retains its effectiveness in promoting a company and its associated products. Email marketing has reached greater heights with the improvement of technology. Such a powerful marketing tool though can backfire quite spectacularly if not done right. There are certain ways to do this and when done right, it provides you with some really handsome results. Here we look upon certain factors which contribute immensely to successful email marketing.

Brand recognition: Brand recognition requires you to make your patrons aware of your new products and services. The email should contain information that is relevant to your business, its products and most importantly its brand positioning. When properly done, this will result in high brand recall value among your subscribers.

Sales promotions: Promotional messages keep your subscribers in touch with the latest products and the discounts, offers and promotions they carry. A very popular exercise these days is to include discount coupons in the message itself. Others include using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to announce special offers and promotions. This ensures growth by clocking sales as well as increasing brand awareness.

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Interaction: Subscribers respond positively to emails which stress on a level of interaction between the company and the subscriber. The company can choose this opportunity to make the subscriber aware of its social responsibility ventures, happenings within the company, important appointments etc.

Attractive layout: It will do a world of good if you include a splash of graphic and textual content in your messages. Try to make it varied as a monotonous layout might put off a lot of people. Too much of anything is not good, so both the textual and the graphic content need to complement each other without either of them being dominant. Including links, video clips, audio clips add a dash of fun to the messages and make sure your subscribers look forward to the emails.

Optimize mails for mobile platforms: More people than ever are accessing the internet from their cell phones, handhelds and net books. Each of them is different from the normal desktop or laptop and your messages need to be accordingly optimized for them to be displayed properly.

Using other social media: If you look at the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, they have experienced a greater significance in the world of internet marketing. Your messages could also be shared on these sites to ensure even greater following for your products and services.

Gaining feedback: Your messages can be a great tool to garner feedback about your products and services. Your subscribers are more likely to be honest as the communication is faceless. This can help your business improve in areas where it is lacking.

Email marketing is a high response marketing tool and when the above factors are addressed correctly and regularly, it has the potential to outdo other marketing tools significantly. It is always wise to best employ this tool on your web business adventures.

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