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How To Detect And Fix Toilet Leaks

Sat ,01/04/2017

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How To Detect And Fix Toilet Leaks


Sybille Weiland

Saving money is important, especially in today\’s tough economy. High utility bills can really wreak havoc on your finances and emotions, especially if you have no clue why the bills are so high.

During the summer months, your water bill may go up slightly. This is especially true if you wanter your grass or if you are filling up a pool. If your water bill is extremely high, you may have a leak in one of your pipes or in your toilet.

Sometimes, finding the source of the leak can be difficult. In other cases, you may be able to see the water spurting from a pipe. One of the most common places for water to leak is from the toilet. If you suspect that you have a leak, you should start looking at the water supply line on the toilet.

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If you notice that the line is wet or dripping, you may need to replace the line. Tightening the line may also help stop the leak. If you still have a leak in the toilet, you should examine the water tank.

Food coloring can help to solve the mystery. To use this method, simply drop a few drops of your favorite food dye color into the toilet tank. Then, watch to see where the stain goes.

Replacing A Toilet Gasket

If you notice staining or seepage at the spot where the toilet connects to the floor, you may need to remove the old parts of the gasket and put in a new gasket. You may also detect a strong odor of sewage if the gasket fails. This is because the gasket is designed to prevent water and odors from escaping from the seal.

What causes the gasket to fail? The toilet gaskets are made from wax and can corrode over time. A gasket can also fail if the toilet has been loosened due to home repairs or other events.

In order to replace the gasket, you should make sure that the water is off. Then, take the gasket off the toilet. Then, clean and dry the toilet. Remove all of the old gasket and place a new gasket where the toilet connects to the floor. Then, re-position the toilet and tighten the bolts on the bottom of the toilet. Be careful to not over-tighten the bolts as this can damage the toilet.

It is best to do this job on a day that is neither too hot or too cold. Most experts recommend that the temperature should be between 65 to 70 degrees. If you must do this job on a very warm day, put the seal in the refrigerator until you are ready to position it.

Replacing A Flush Valve

If the leak is coming from this valve, it will need to be replaced. Examine the components of the toilet to see what will need to be replaced. This may include the flapper valve as well as the flush valve. In fact, experts recommend replacing the flapper valve at the same time that you replace the flush valve. After you have installed the new parts, put the toilet back together and turn on the water.

Now that you know these toilet repair tips, you can hopefully fix the leak in your toilet! By doing the work yourself, you will save quite a bit of money on a plumbing repair bill.

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